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Occupational Safety Management

The Company's operating bases are mainly offices. In order to ensure the safety of the employees' occupational environment, the main work environmental protection measures taken every year are as follows:


Item Execution
Fire Safety Inspections are performed in public places every six months Fire safety inspections in public places have been completed on September 6, 2021
Monitoring of Work Environment is performed semi-annually On August 23, 2021 and September 10, 2021, monitoring of the working environments in Hsinchu and Taipei was carried out, and no abnormalities were found
Annual Employee Physical Examination Program 241 employees’ physical examination was completed in 2020, 306 employees’ physical examination was completed in 2021
Safety and Health Education and Training for New Employees Strengthen the education, training and promotion of new employees, develop employees' emergency response capabilities and safety concepts, strengthen employees' cognitive ability, and reduce the occurrence of accidents caused by unsafe behavior. Education and training in recent years is as follows:
Year Time(s) Person-times in education and training Person-hours in education and training
2020 3 72 36
2021 2 65 265
Gate Access System Control No abnormalities



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