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Ethical Corporate Management

Ethical Corporate Management Unit

The Company has established the “Ethical Corporate Management Operating Procedures and Code of Conduct", which was passed by the Board of Directors. The President’s Office is responsible for the promotion and implementation of ethical corporate management, and has the obligation to report to the Board of Directors at any time. It was approved by the Board of Directors on October 28, 2021.

Ethical Corporate Management Unit Operation

Following the principles of the "Ethical Corporate Management Operating Procedures and Code of Conduct", the Company constantly reviews the possible risks of non-ethical management, strengthens education and publicity, and has set up a dedicated reporting mailbox on the Company's website to enhance the effectiveness of the Company's ethical corporate management. The number of reported cases in 2020 is 0.

In order to ensure that our employees are aware of the regulations and to maintain the  competitive order, the Company holds a seminar for new employees that includes an explanation of the employee code of ethical conduct, and once a year we hold a large-scale training course on ethical management and legal compliance, inviting outside lawyers to teach our management and employees. Through the analysis of legal provisions and the sharing of practical cases in a thorough but simplified way, employees are made more aware of the possible negative impact of violations in this issue on individuals and the Company, as well as the possible civil and criminal liabilities. In 2020, 30 people participated in the training, with a total of 46 hours of training.

Whistleblower mailbox: hr@richwave.com.tw

Whistleblower hotline: 02-87511358, 03-6008999



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