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Employee Welfare, Benefits, and Retirement System

Insurance Welfare, Benefits

In addition to providing basic labor insurance and health insurance, the Company also has planned group comprehensive insurance for each employee, thereby covering life insurance, major illness insurance, accidental injury insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance, and the premium is borne by the Company; In addition to caring for employees, the Company also cares about the health and life of employee family members. Regular employees can insure their spouses, children and parents through the Company's group comprehensive insurance, so that family members can also enjoy the protection provided by the Company. The Company also takes the initiative to insure employees on overseas business trips with travel insurance to provide them with more adequate protection.

Other Employee Welfare and Benefits

Item Description
Awards and Allowances Includes three festival bonuses, birthday bonus, marriage, childbirth and funeral allowances, travel allowances, and other various bonuses. Regular employees are entitled to the benefits, and other bonuses are issued according to the Company's operating conditions.
Onside Medical Health Services Medical staff regularly visit the Hsinchu and Taipei offices for health services 4 times per month. If individuals have other health consultation needs, they may ask the handler to assist in making an appointment for consultation with medical staff.
Employee Health Examinations The Company provides employee health checks every year to give concern and care to the health of employees.
Non-weekday overtime meal allowance and transportation subsidies While showing concern for the hard work of employees, in addition to providing overtime allowances in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Labor Standards Act, the Company also provides free meal reservation services and transportation subsidies.

Retirement System

The Company has a retirement plan for officially hired employees. A labor retirement reserve supervisory committee has been established in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. A certain percentage of the total salary is allocated every month by the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee and deposited in a dedicated account at the Bank of Taiwan.

The Labor Pension Act came into effect on July 1, 2005, and adopts a definite allocation system. After implementation, employees can choose to apply the relevant pension provisions of the “Labor Standards Act", or apply the pension system of those regulations and retain the years of service before the regulations were applied. For employees who apply the regulations, the Company will monthly allocate no less than 6% of wages to employees’ personal retirement pension accounts in accordance with the Labor Pension Act.

The retirement system of the Company’s employees is handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act, and the retirement fund is allocated on a monthly basis in accordance with the law; amounts are transferred to the designated account of the Supervisory Committees of Workers' Retirement Reserve Funds for storage and expenditure. However, since the Labor Pension Act came into effect on July 1, 2005, employees can choose to apply the pension provisions related to the Labor Standards Act (the old system), or apply the retirement pension system of the Labor Pension Act (the new system) and retain the years of service before the regulations were applied (retain years of service of the old system). The Company’s monthly employee pension provision rate for employees who are eligible for the new retirement system shall not be less than 6% of the employee’s monthly salary. In accordance with the provisions of IAS 19 "Employee Benefits", the Company also allocates pensions to the accounts and recognizes pension liabilities in accordance with the actuarial pension reports of qualified actuaries.



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