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RichWave Technology is in the IC design industry. Mainly, its production mainly uses outsourced electricity for its energy consumption. Currently, it has completed GHG inventory check of Scope 2 emissions in 2019 and 2020. Among which, the total Scope 2 GHG emissions of RichWave Technology in 2020 were 468.7 tCO2e. In the future, the scope of the GHG inventory check will be gradually expanded to establish a complete GHG inventory check and management structure.

In order to reduce GHG generated in the operation process, RichWave Technology actively implements various energy-saving and carbon-reduction programs, including energy-saving promotion in offices, air-conditioning system improvement measures (such as: optimizing air-conditioning cycling of the computer room, reducing air-conditioning leakage, and appropriately increasing the air-conditioning temperature), use of LED energy-saving lamps, etc., in order to improve energy efficiency.

RichWave Technology greenhouse gas emissions in the previous two years

Item 2019 2020
GHG emissions (tCO2e) 441.7 468.7

Note: The power consumption of RichWave Technology’ office is divided in proportion of the total power consumption of the buildings to the leased floor area of RichWave Technology.

RichWave Technology has completed statistics for water consumption and waste discharge in 2019 and 2020.

In terms of water consumption, the water source of RichWave Technology is tap water, which is mainly used for office water use. Total water consumption in 2020 was 3,193.9 m3. In order to make full use of precious water resources, we use recycled water for irrigating plants, and set up water-saving toilets in the restrooms to make the most effective use of water resources.


RichWave Technology Water Consumption in the Past Two Years

Water source 2019 2020
Tap water (m3) 3105.0 3193.9

Note: The water consumption of RichWave Technology’ office is divided in proportion of the total water consumption of the buildings to the leased floor area of RichWave Technology.

In terms of waste management, the waste generated by RichWave Technology is mainly domestic waste and electronic scrap. The total discharge of industrial waste in 2020 was 25,059.2kg. RichWave Technology is committed to properly controlling the impact of waste on the environment, from its generation to final disposal. Specific actions include: source reduction (promote the use of environmentally friendly tableware, do not provide disposable tableware), implement waste recycling and classification, deliver to qualified waste removal and disposal companies for reuse, and conduct irregular audits to ensure that the waste is properly disposed of.


RichWave Technology Waste Discharge in the Past Two Years

Waste type 2019 2020
General industrial waste (kg) 21,459.9 24,691.3
Hazardous industrial waste (kg) 195.2 367.8
Total (kg) 21,655.1 25,059.2

Note: General industrial waste covers the domestic waste generated in the office. The estimation method is based on the average daily general waste generation per person published on the Environmental Protection Administration's Environmental Statistics Inquiry Website in 2019 and 2020; estimations are made assuming that employees work 8 hours per day each year (2019: 249 days, 2020: 250 days).



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