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Human Rights

Out of the conviction that RichWave Technology regards its employees as its most important asset, it provides meaningful work content, a safe and healthy working environment, high-quality salary and benefits, and encourages employees to balance work and life, including having a family, making friends, and developing personal interests. In the future, we will continue to follow the "United Nations: Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights" and the "Code of Conduct- Responsible Business Alliance, RBA" to further implement the Company's human rights policy.

  • RichWave Technology insists on providing equal employment opportunities based on personal strengths and work qualifications, regardless of race, ancestry, language, ideology, religion, party affiliation, nationality, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, facial features, physical or mental disability, trade union membership, or other factors.
  • RichWave Technology values and respects all employees, and establishes procedures to supervise and cooperate with the equal rights laws and policies applicable to all countries in order to deal with any verifiable discrimination complaints. Any verifiable discrimination complaints will be investigated and dealt with adequately and fairly, so that we can work together in a fair and happy environment.
  • RichWave Technology abides by relevant government laws and regulations and only accepts for positions in the Company applicants over the age of 18. At the time of entry, they will be checked to ensure that the Company complies with the regulations for non-employment of child labor.
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination to ensure equal job opportunities


Specific Objectives and Mitigation Measures

Scope of Application Shift work, night work, long hours employees All employees
Policy “Prevention Program for Abnormal Workload-Related Disease Prevention Program” Prohibition of forced labor, anti-discrimination and violence
Goals and Actions To prevent employees from developing diseases due to abnormal workloads, we provide protection measures for employees whose abnormal workloads may contribute to diseases, in order to prevent brain and cardiovascular diseases caused by overworking. Preventing employees from suffering physical or mental injury due to the actions of others while performing their duties.
Mitigation Measures
  1. Using blood tests from employees’ physical or health checkup reports to estimate the risk of cardiovascular disease and to further assess the level of risk.
  2. The doctor interviews the employee and the nurse practitioner conducts follow-up tracking with the on-site health service.
  3. If the employee’s health is found to be less than expected or if there are concerns about the employee’s health, the unit supervisor and the employee are contacted for a discussion with the doctor.
  1. Conducting regular training for unit supervisors and employees to understand unlawful infringements in the workplace and recognition.
  2. Providing an open channel for workplace violence counseling and complaints:

    Complaint hotline: 03-6008999 #333

    Compliant mailbox: hr@richwave.com.tw

  3. In the internal meeting and on system bulletin boards, we declare that we will adopt the principle of zero tolerance for all kinds of unlawful infringements in the workplace.
  4. The human resources and administration department form an investigation team to preside over the investigation team meeting, guide the investigation operation and risk prevention, and make decisions.
How to Remedy The assessment results of employee risk factors are classified into three levels: low, medium and high, and remedial measures are carried out according to the three levels.
  1. If an employee encounters an unlawful infringement in the workplace, he or she can deal with it through the complaint channel. After receiving the complaint, the Company will designate a dedicated staff member to coordinate and handle it.
  2. Risk assessment is conducted annually to identify residual and new risks after control measures are taken, and to review their applicability and effectiveness.


Implementation Status

Item Content
Corporate internal communication specifications Providing legal compliance promotion for new employees during pre-employment training
Regular anti-bullying promotion Declaring the principle of zero tolerance for all types of unlawful infringements in the workplace in internal meetings and on system bulletin boards
Risk Assessment Risk assessment is conducted annually to identify residual and new risks after control measures are taken, and to review their applicability and effectiveness; meanwhile, no human rights issues or persecution occurred in 2021.




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