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Environmental Goals and Climate Change

In order to cope with the strategy of slowing down global climate change, RichWave Technology continues to strengthen resilience to climate adjustment, and initially identified the following climate-related risks and opportunities that may cause financial impact, and, based on the preceding, has developed response strategies.


Climate Change Risks and Opportunities


Risk/Opportunity Impact Item Response Strategies Annual Actions
Physical Risks Water shortages Water conservation measures Water conservation action plan
Heavy rainfall leading to flooding Establish a typhoon response plan Typhoon response plan
Transition Risks Environmental regulations and carbon footprint regulations Waste management measures, strengthening the recycling ratio and energy-saving action plan Waste reduction measures and energy-saving action plan
Opportunities Use more efficient production and distribution processes Lower electricity consumption for energy saving Replacing traditional lighting with LED energy-efficient lighting
Increase air-conditioning chilled water inlet temperature Energy-saving air conditioning
Turn off standby devices from time to time Device energy-saving plan



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