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RichWave Consultant and Technical Service

We are RichWave consulting and technical service support Team. RichWave offers global technology consultant and applications support to help you in the integrated circuit and semiconductor manufacturing with the competitive advantage for your applications and products. Enhance customer value through RichWave consulting services, gain significant product performance and time to market in the following application areas and market.

  • The integrated circuit consulting services for RFIC design and risk analysis
  • Semiconductor manufacturing consulting services for backend, FT testing and yield improvement
  • Wireless connectivity consulting service for WiFi H/W architecture design
  • H/W system board consulting service for performance tuning and optimization
  • RF components selection consulting for PA, LNA, SW and FEM in WiFi and 4G/LTE application segment
  • Smart home design consultant in 4 to 1 wireless video surveillance system by frequency hopping total solution
  • AAV and DAV wireless video transmission/receiving for drone application
  • ESD improvement design consultant for system level and component level protection

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